Former CIA director weighs in on Iran’s ties to Hamas and Russia

Reporter: Nicole Gabe
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According to President Biden, there is a third party with links to both wars: Iran. Iran funds Hamas in Gaza and supports Russia in Ukraine. During his Oval Office address, the president vowed to hold Iran accountable.

But what does that mean?

Porter Goss retired to Southwest Florida after serving in Congress and then as director of the Central Intelligence Agency under President George W. Bush.

He believes Iran aims to expand what he calls a radical version of Islam across the Muslim world.

“They’re terrorists, and terrorists are people who strap bombs on their young people and convince them to be martyrs,” Goss said.

Goss believes the United States is the only nation strong enough to stand up to Iran, and he fears that’s not happening right now.

“Why is the Biden administration continually, even doing business with people who are this brutal and this violent? And clearly, totally opposed to the United States of America? And to some of our allies, including Israel,” Goss said.

Before the Hamas terror strike on Israel, the United States agreed to allow Iran to access $6 billion in frozen assets as part of a deal that set five Americans held prisoner to come home. Critics blame deals like that emboldened Iran and Hamas to strike Israel.

“We need to absolutely convey strength. That is the only thing the Ayatollah will respect, and even that, he’ll have to be convinced that we mean it, and it’s real, and it’s painful,” Goss said.

Goss fears Iran’s reach extends into the United States. He said that the country has a sophisticated social media propaganda strategy that tries to radicalize young people.

That’s why Goss worries there could be terror strikes here at home.

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