Serenity Walk Park filled with sex offenders

Reporter: Amy Galo
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A family-friendly place is filled with sex offenders, drugs and vandalism.

That’s the picture painted by public complaints, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.
In a single two-day time period, CCSO has made five different indecent exposure arrests at Serenity Walk Park in Naples.

In one case, an undercover deputy said he was groped.

It’s really disturbing that all of this is happening in a place frequented by parents and their kids.

That is the first thing we asked CCSO after reading through these reports. They were all just too similar, but the sheriff’s office didn’t answer that question. Instead, they said there was no more information to share.

Serenity Walk Park is a popular spot for families. This park lets you get up close and personal with wildlife.

Deer are a common sight, and so are pine trees, hikers and naked men.

“I knew something was going on here all the time,” said Ronnie Solis, hiker. “I know, I see them all the time. Strange people, people who don’t belong here all by themselves, all day long here.”

All five men exposed and touched their genitalia while hidden in bushes or off the main trail. Three of them were caught by undercover deputies, and one of them even groped a deputy.

“This surprises me. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but I didn’t expect that,” Solis said.

Solis said he’s always looking over his shoulder here.

“There was a time one guy was following us, and we hid, but they disappeared. They knew that I knew they were following me,” he said.

Not exactly the picture of serenity, but Solis won’t let it stop him from coming back.

“I’m a country boy. I like the woods. I wish I could live in there,” he said.

Minus the indecent exposures, of course.

Two of the five men have already bailed out of jail.

Hikers we spoke to said they’re grateful to CCSO for cracking down on this, but Solis said he thinks the park should have cameras so that these incidents can be caught quicker.

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