Meteor showers and nocturnal wonders on display during Everglades Dark Sky Celebration

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Everglades Dark Sky Celebration. CREDIT: NPS Photo by Antony Sleiman

From star gazing to a meteor shower celebration, Everglades Nation Park is getting ready to host more than 20 night-sky events for anyone passionate about the outdoors.

According to the National Park Service, the Everglades National Park is hosting the Everglades Dark Sky Celebration events starting March 30.

Presentations and events in Everglades National Park. CREDIT: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE

The Dark Sky Celebration is a free, ranger-led presentation that is enjoyable for people young and old.

The event will feature guest speakers and showcase nocturnal wildlife, star gazing, constellation tours, a supermoon celebration, and a Lyrid meteor shower celebration. NASA says the Lyrids meteor shower is one of the oldest meteor showers and has been observed for 2,700 years. The Lyrids meteor shower peaks in late April.

While most cameras were looking up at the 2012 peak of the Lyrid meteor shower, astronaut Don Pettit aboard the International Space Station trained his video camera on Earth below. Footage from that night is now revealing breathtaking images of Earth at night with meteors ablating – or burning up – in the atmosphere.
Credit: NASA/JSC/D. Pettit

Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the stars through a telescope while learning about the science involved with celestial objects, space and the physical universe.

The Everglades Dark Sky Celebration presentations end after April 28.

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