Local greyhound among fastest dogs in the country

Author: Zach Oliveri
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Magic, a three year old greyhound, has emerged as a rock star when it comes to his speed. So it’s fitting, he’s named after a rock classic.

“I thought of a name that had his name that he always heard in it,” Magic’s owner, Sandy McMillan, explained, “And I named him He’s a Magic Man after the Heart song. Cause that’s a great song and every time I look at him I think he’s really great. And I’ve always been in love with him since I first met him.”

When he’s chasing down a trash bunny, Magic lives up to his name with all the trophies and ribbons he’s won.

“He’s actually never gone to a meet that he’s lost or that he’s hasn’t won I should say,” McMillan said.

Magic has climbed the rankings, ending 2023 as a FastCAT top five dog in the country. FastCAT, which stands for Coursing Ability Test, events have dogs do a timed 100-yard dash one at a time while chasing a lure. Magic even earned an invite for the Fastest Dog Competition in Arizona.

“He’ll do anywhere from 5.4 seconds to 5.6 seconds, depending on the turf,” McMillan said.

Magic hasn’t slowed down this year. The highlight was Magic’s win in the Sunflower State Derby in Kansas.

“That was the actual track we ran on for that meet was the track I actually schooled him on before he went on to pro race,” McMillan explained. “So it was really sentimental for me to be there with him.”

That win was even more special because McMillan’s other greyhound, six-year-old Beni, finished third.

“To have a boy come in first and a boy come in third that was the highlight of my life,” McMillan said.

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