Trump and Biden battle it out during first 2024 presidential debate

Reporter: Claire Galt
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Former President Trump and President Joe Biden clashed in Atlanta for the earliest presidential debate in modern history.

WINK News anchor Claire Galt was at the debate, the only local journalist to make the 580-mile trip.

The mission of both Biden and Trump was to appear strong.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents questioned the men’s age and fitness, so they watched how each handled himself, among other things.

“I just don’t feel comfortable with Biden’s age, and I don’t feel comfortable with Trump’s mouth,” said Kim Cavaliere, who lives in Georgia.

In Georgia, Biden narrowly beat Trump four years ago, but where Trump is up five points in the polls today.

Cavaliere’s part of a growing block of voters dubbed “double haters.”

Those folks wish they had someone else to choose from other than Biden or Trump.

“Honestly, I wish there was another candidate that would have come through the primaries instead of it being just Donald Trump,” said Matt Vrahiotes.

The block of voters suddenly in play are Black people.

Democrats traditionally get 90% and above of the black vote nationally, 92% four years ago.

But Thursday, recent polls show that support for the former president is growing among Black and Latino Americans.

Why is that?

Local congressman Byron Donalds told WINK News, “Because I think Black people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Look, inflation hurts everybody. The open borders hurt everybody. What’s going on in our policy perspective hurts everybody, whether you’re Black, whether you’re white or Hispanic.”

Polls show Trump now has 18% of the Black vote, which, in a tight election, could be the difference.

According to the Washington Post, going into the debate, Trump led Biden in six of seven battleground states nationally.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia are all leaning Trump. Only Wisconsin is trending Biden.

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