The debate on medical marijuana gets personal

Author: Lindsey Sablan
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FORT MYERS, Fla.- John Morgan and former Collier County Sheriff Don Hunter went head to head Tuesday in a 30 minute live debate.

Morgan said the reason he has pumped $5 million into the Amendment 2 campaign is because he wanted to help sick people.

“If this doesn’t happen, 400,000 really sick people aren’t going to get the care they need,” he stated.

Across the table from Morgan, sat Don Hunter, a former sheriff who has 35 years of law enforcement experience, including narcotics. While Hunter and Morgan disagreed on medical marijuana, the two have something in common: both have family members with cancer. At one point, Morgan asked Hunter if his daughter, who is a cancer survivor, needed medical marijuana would Hunter take her to another state, where it was legalized.

Hunter responded, “I care about her. I’d probably do anything I could.”

But Hunter said what he did not get to say during that debate was he does not believe medical marijuana is necessary.

“If this was the only drug I suppose I would do what I needed to do, but it isn’t…And that’s the flaw in the argument for Mr. Morgan,” he argued.

Several times, Hunter brought up Marinol, a pill that contains man-made THC. He claimed Morgan’s push for Amendment Two is a gimmick.

“This is a back door way into smoking marijuana, recreational use.”

However, Morgan argued back, “If I wanted to legalize marijuana, I would have spent the money to legalize marijuana.”

When the discussion moved to the topic of caregivers the two argued about the role that individual would play.

“A caregiver is a family member, it’s a loved one, but the reason they [opponents] use this scare tactic is to make you not pay attention to the truth,” Morgan said.

Hunter fired back stated there is not a provision in the amendment at this time. When Morgan stated the state would require such provisions, Hunter responded, “Well you have the crystal ball Mr. Morgan I don’t.”

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