Scam artists looking for “dates” online

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FORT MYERS, Fla – Internet dating sites are extremely popular but a word of caution for those looking for love: scammers are also online, looking for a target.

Patti Schmidt says she and Paul went on several dates and had many conversations in person and online. Then, he told her he was leaving on a trip and asked for a favor.

“I have some packages coming. I don’t trust leaving them at my place. Can I send them to your place?” recalled Schmidt.

She agreed. Then, Paul asked if she would send the large packages to his business partner with labels he supplied. She didn’t question the request.

Postal inspectors seized the packages when they noticed  phony postage. Inside they found laptops, TV’s and electronics. So, they went to Schmidt. That’s when she realized her ‘friend’ was using her to reship stolen goods.

Schmidt cooperated with inspectors and told them what happened.

Postal inspectors warn no matter what, whether you’re looking for a job or love, always be cautious of anyone asking you to send or be a part of transactions.

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