Lee County man faces kidnapping, felony battery charges

Author: Rachael Rafanelli
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LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Deputies say a girl was held against her will for more than 18 hours. She was beaten and battered, bitten and bloody. The girl identified Cary Kittilsen as her attacker, telling deputies about the hours of terror she says she suffered at his hands.

“The cops were here, they put tape around the house,” said a neighbor.

Deputies arrested Kittilsen at his house in Tice Courts Mobile Home and RV Park. “This is a good community, it’s just every now and then, someone rubs the rhubarb wrong,” said a neighbor.

Officials say Kittilsen became angry over a picture he saw.

The graphic report says he began punching the victim in the face until she was a bloody mess, he also hit her with a shower head and left a deep bloody bite mark on her arm.

Deputies say the girl tried to escape but Kittilsen allegedly told the victim if she did not stop, he would be forced to tie her up with rope or duct tape so she could not leave. According to authorities, Kittilsen then threatened to kill her several times.

The police report also says Kittilsen took a machete out and threatened to cut the victim with it.

The report says Kittilsen forced her to have sex with him and it was only later, as he went to get money for cigarettes out of his van, that she was able to escape, running naked to a neighbor’s house.

Kittilsen remains in jail facing felony battery and kidnapping charges. The victim was taken to the hospital with severe bruises on her body.

Deputies say that bite mark on her arm will most likely become a permanent scar.

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