Brain Balance center opens up in North Naples

Author: Jennifer Jones
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COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – Parents now have a brand new option to help their children dealing with ADHD. It’s called Brain Balance and a recent student shows 81 percent of children with ADHD who spend 3 months in the program no longer have the condition afterwards.

“Having another alternative to medication is really, really positive.” Kristin Cipolla has a son in middle school who has high anxiety.

She decided to check out the new Brain Balance Achievement Center that opened in North Naples after seeing how well it worked for her friends child.

“I saw such great improvement and knowing that he went through this program really is sort of exciting to me because there could be an answer to help with anxiety.”

“When I found out they were opening here I was excited because I want to put my child through it again,” said Sheri Cox.

Cox’s son is also in middle school and struggles with ADD and Asperger’s syndrome.

She saw a huge improvement after her son went through the program in Ohio 3 years ago.

“He was below grade level to like two grades above, so we really saw that it was a great thing for him and I hope that it can do the same again cause now he’s in middle school and there’s even more anxiety,” said Cox.

Dr. Robert Melillo is a childhood neurobehavorial specialist and the founder of Brain Balance. He’s devoted his career to finding out what’s happening in a child’s brain that prevents them from learning. He said it’s caused by an imbalance in the brain.

“In ADHD, OCD and turrets and autism, what we see is areas in the right side of the brain are delayed in the development and they’re slower at there processing speed in children that are gifted in the left side of their brain,” said Dr. Melillo.

So he created an education based program to attack the problem which includes exercises and activities that will stimulate a child’s brain.

“Every day is a struggle and every day the child goes into school and they lose, they come to our center and every day they win,” said Melillo.

The location now at the Shoppes of Vanderbilt is the fifth one to open in the State of Florida.

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