Healthy Kids: Basics of food allergies

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Allergies both environmental and food are problematic for many children and adults.  Here to discuss the basics of food allergies, allergy tests and treatment is Dr. Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul.
Food Allergies:
8 percent of children have food allergies.
Diagnosis involves history and testing.
Skin testing is better than blood testing.
Parents are often confused.
Symptoms of Food Allergy:
Trouble breathing
Stomach pain
Food Allergy Confusion:
Food Allergy
Food Intolerance (missing an enzyme=GI upset)
Celiac Disease (gluten + immune reaction)
Food Sensitivity (no immune system involvement)
For food allergies or elimination diets, see a nutritionist.
Poor nutrition is very dangerous!
Diagnosis is important to avoid anaphylaxis.
OTC allergy tests are not helpful.
Any association with ADD or Autism and gluten-free diets is being studied.
Avoid artificial food coloring and sugary foods with ADD or Autism.

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