Fitness Friday: Golf Tips

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- If you are a golfer and looking to step up your game, there are a number of workouts, stretches and training exercises that can help strengthen the muscles needed to improve your swing and increase endurance.

Dynamic stretches get the body ready for a golf swing more effectively than static¬†stretching. A pro golfer before she hits the course: Stretches, practices putting for 30 minutes, warm up hitting,¬†chips, sand shots, then putt again, and then finally goes to the tee. Most amateurs get out of the car, swing a¬†couple practice shots, and go to the tee. And you wonder why you don’t feel warmed up until the 6th

Every level of player wants to add 30-50 yards to their drives. Every golfer wants to start and finish each 18 holes without the all-too-common aches and twinges. Yet very few golfers consider it important to condition themselves physically. Even if Katie spends an entire day on the green, she still makes time for her workouts which are centered on improving her golf game. Most exercises you can do in your own home.

Golf Strength Training Exercises. Core strength can improve hip rotation, range of motion in the shoulders, and back stability leading to more powerful and accurate golf shots. Professional golfers turn their shoulders well away from the target while keeping their hips relatively stationary. That creates torque, which increases power, creating speed and distance. Once the body stops turning, many amateurs try to compensate by letting their arms finish the job.

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