Florida funeral home offers hologram eulogy


WEST PALM BEACH (CBS12) — Imagine attending your own funeral or saying your final goodbyes after you’re gone.

A West Palm Beach businessman is bringing Star-Wars like technology to South Florida that’s making it possible. Carl Minardo is the president of AIM Holographics in West Palm Beach, and he hopes to change the future of funerals by giving folks the ability to prerecord their own eulogy with 3D holographic technology.

“It gives you an opportunity to talk to the people who are important in your life and, really, let them know how much they meant to you,” he said.

It’s technology once reserved for Michael Jackson or Tupac Shakur. The music stars were immortalized with similar video technology. Carl says the eulogy or any other message or video is recorded in a studio and featured on projectors both small and large.

“It’s as realistic as you can get without it being you. Other than you coming up and being here, this is the closest it’s going to be in 3-dimension,” he said.

He hopes to tap into the 76-million baby boomers driving the funeral business. With many opting for cremation over the pricier alternative, embalming, many funeral homes are facing the loss of a revenue stream. Carl thinks his 3D technology will help funeral homes maintain that revenue stream while giving baby boomers a way to keep their legacy alive. He believes there are other applications for this technology beyond funerals including business conventions, product demonstrations, and fundraising.

The AIM Holographic studio will be up and running by the fall.

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