Bonita Springs city leaders say ‘no’ to fracking

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BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- The Bonita Springs City Council approved a ban on fracking in the city.

Residents lined up at Wednesday’s council meeting, saying the practice was too risky.

Residents say their water supply is precious, so they decided to put the brakes on fracking before it ever had a chance to get to town.

“You have acid, toxic solution used as a drilling fluid that’s not only involved in operating the well, but then is disposed of in an area that could contaminate,” said Ray Juadah.

Opponents of the controversial drilling method lined up in droves to speak at the meeting. The only people in support of fracking were representatives from the oil industry, advising against a fracking ban.

“It’s one of the greatest things to happen to oil and gas and American energy independence in the last 100 years,” said David Mica, with the Florida Petroleum Council.

They warned city leaders to get ready for lawsuits if the ban is approved.

“I would suspect that there would be legal action from a landowner or a mineral rights owner who they absolutely do have rights under the constitution, as a property right here in Florida,” said Mica.

But when all of the talking ended, the fracking ban passed unanimously.

City leaders acknowledged they might be in for a fight ahead, but protecting their water comes first.

Oil company representatives say Bonita Springs took a step backward, while opponents of fracking say the city’s ahead of its time.

“I am absolutely elated. This is a historic day,” said Juadah.

Oil industry representatives criticized the city for not getting enough information from scientists. Bonita Springs is only the second city in the entire state to ban fracking altogether.

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