Man sets gas pump on fire while trying to kill spider


CENTER LINE, Mich. – A man set a gas station pump on fire while try to kill a spider according to CBS Detroit.

It happened earlier this week at a Mobile gas station. The man pulled up to the pump, put the nozzle into his car and started to fill up. He then realized there was a spider on his car and decided to light the spider on fire because he is afraid of the critters.

“That’s when he pulled the lighter out of his pocket and lit it and started the fire,” said station clerk Susan Adams.

Adams said the flames flew up and spread to a nearby pump. She hit the emergency shut-off button for the pump and called the fire department. The man then grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and put out the flames. When fire fighters arrived, the man admitted to being afraid of spiders and trying to kill the one he saw.

One of the gas pumps was damaged but the man’s car was not destroyed. Adams said the man apologized to her and said he was deathly afraid of spiders.


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