Cape Coral council member voices unclear stance on LGBT rights

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Mayor Marni Sawicki requested a ban to publicly-funded travel to North Carolina after the state overruled local LGBT anti-discrimination measures.

No decision was made on Monday in regards to her proposal. Mayor Sawicki was not at the council meeting.

But at least one council member was vocal about the mayor’s proposal, though his stance on the issue is unclear.

Councilman Richard Leon said he supports the LGBT community but does not believe the new law in North Carolina impacts Southwest Florida.

“We will always stand ready to defend any of constituents’ right to go to the bathroom anywhere they want,” he said. “The implications are very small in how it effects Cape Coral.”

Leon also said transgender individuals need to use bathrooms that align with their assigned sex at birth regardless of their gender identity.

“You know, when it comes down to it if your genitals match the bathroom you need to go into, you go in there, simple as that,” he said.

The issue of using public funds for travel to North Carolina could resurface at future council meetings.

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