Healthy Kids: Home cooked baby and infant foods versus store bought

Author: WINK News

FORT MYERS, Fla. – New research finds that home-cooked baby and infant foods are not necessarily superior to store-bought varieties. Dr. Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul joins us in the studio to discuss this and more.


Home-cooked meals vs. Commercial meals

Poultry based– 16%  to 27%

Seafood based–  19% to 7%

Red-meat based– 21% to 35%

Vegetable-based– 44% to 31%

Primary vegetable onions carrots

Amount of vegetables 2 to 3

Energy 26% more

Protein & Fat 44% more

Met ED standard– 50% to 65%

Exceeded ED standard– 50%

Cost $0.43 $0.90



Increased fats and energy density = obesity.

Commercial only meals expose child to less variety.

Mix of home and commercial is best!

Concern: Commercial has high red meat and low fish.

Home cooked have 6-77% more nutrients than commercial.

Watch the ED and fat in home cooked meals.

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