Lee County school district may limit school selection

Reporter: Corey Lazar

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Parents of Lee County will soon be limited in the amount of schools they can choose to send their children.

The district is currently divided into zones and subzones. The subzone parents live in determines the schools their children attend.

Parents in this district typically have many schools to choose from, but district officials want to narrow those options within the next three years.

“If you live in Subzone E2, you have up to 17 elementary schools to choose from,” said. “We are looking to drop that down to four or five.”

However, many parents are concerned because they don’t like the schools closest to their homes.

District Chief Of Staff Marc Mora said the change will help cut down the transportation budget, which is one of the highest in the state among larger districts.

But Mora also admitted that some parents may not like the schools in their district.

“We have taken steps already,” Mora said. “Dr. Adkins has moved around school administrators, matching the strengths of our principals with the challenges of come of our schools.”

The school board will decide whether these changes will be implemented.

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