Fear of releasing personal info prompts SWFL voters to unregister

Reporter: WINK News Digital
Early voting SWFL

FORT MYERS, Fla. President Donald Trump frequently addressed the idea of a rigged election during his campaign, but his mission to eliminate voter fraud is not having the effect he expected.

Many Lee County voters are removing their names from the rolls due to prevent the sharing of personal information with Trump’s newly formed Task Force on election integrity.

“We had two people who literally did remove themselves from the rolls on Monday,” said Vicki Collins, the public information officer for the Lee County Department of Elections. “But we have people inquiring how they can protect their information from being released to the commission.”

Florida secretary of state Ken Detzer promised to not release the social security and driver’s license numbers required during the voting process.

“Florida will only be sharing information that is already public record,” he said.

However, other voters like Steve Hubble feel the request for voter data is justified.

“I believe we should give them all the information they need,” he said. “We have too many illegal people in this country being able to get illegal documents.”

The requests for voter data are currently on temporary hold pending a federal judge’s ruling.


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