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Grinning dog gets adopted after his smile wins over hearts

Photo via WKMG

TEXAS (WKMG) This smiling dog is guaranteed to brighten your day.

The pup, who has been dubbed Cheech, has won the internet with his ear-to-ear grin since arriving at a shelter in Waller, Texas, on Friday.

Noticing how photogenic Cheech is, shelter officials took pictures of him smiling and posted the images to social media.

“He’s super sweet and knows how to smile when you ask him to,” The City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue said in a Facebook post.

Cheech became an internet sensation, and adoption offers came pouring in.

“The smiling scared a couple of the volunteers as they mistook it for snarling, and they were mortified when I stuck my hand in his cage on the day we got him in,” Leah Sipe, the director of the shelter, told Fox News. “He’s an awesome little guy!”

The lovable canine has since been adopted, the shelter said.

“I reviewed the applications for Cheech, and one story stood out the most,” Sipe wrote on Facebook. “Carrie reached out to the shelter volunteers and shared her heartbreaking loss with us. She lost her beloved Shepherd to cancer on Friday. Since then her other dog (Dusty), has been severely depressed and had not eaten in days.”

Sipe said that when Cheech met Carrie and Dusty, he only wanted to cuddle with them, and they knew it was a match.

“Cheech needs this family as much as they need him😍 Nothing but smiles here today y’all!” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

For those who feel like they missed out on the happy pup, the shelter said they have plenty more dogs that are up for adoption.