Side Hustle: Making money working from home can be for anyone

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FORT MYERS, Fla. Christmas isn’t far away, and this year the average family is expected to spend nearly $1,000. So, how do you enjoy the holidays without being financially strapped?

Andrea Roland wanted to be there for her little girl, Parker, as much as possible as she grows up.

Less than two years ago, Andrea went from nurse to full-time mommy. But when she goes on ‘break’ from mommy time – another job calls, her Mini and Me Jewelry line.

Roland’s side job makes about $500 a month.

Jill Chambers, a mother of two, sells essential oils through doTerra, “Last month was my best month ever. I worked my butt off and I’ll probably make almost $2,000 from last month,” Chambers says, “it’s so flexible. I get to do my normal life.”

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And if you do a simple web search for “side hustle” and all kinds of things pop up.

Kyle James, a bargain blogger with Rather Be Shopping came up with a list of 11 work-from-home Jobs that make at least $12 an hour.

James says,  “If you have a good internet connection and a computer, you can make some pretty decent money.”

One seemingly crazy job is ‘search result evaluator,’ which needs no experience. “You might get a list of 50 search terms that you need to look at and you make sure there’s no spam in there.” James said. That’s right, Googling can bring in $12 to $15 an hour.

With the holiday’s here, lots of retailers are looking for customer service reps. To work for Amazon, all you need is a computer, internet connection and phone skills.

Some jobs require fairly specific skills like a document translator, resume writer, and online teacher. Others are skills you likely already have, like typing.

For Roland, her creativity is paying off, but you don’t have to be creative to cash in.

Keep in mind if any job is asking for you to pay upfront, maybe for training or products, stay away, it could be a scam.


Here’s a link for 11 work from home jobs from bargain blogger Kyle James

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