Marco Island woman hit by drunk driver learning to walk again

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25-year-old Timi Le says it’s been almost one month since she’s walked on her own two feet. A drunk driver hit her head-on while she was driving home from work.

“I remember a big hit, big smoke, and actually I didn’t feel – because I had so much adrenaline inside me I didn’t feel any pain until they cut the car to get me out. After that, I didn’t feel my legs at all,” Le said.

On Feb. 17, Le was driving with her friend in the front seat when investigators say 40-year-old Jose Soza smashed his red Hummer into her Honda Civic on Marco Island.

Reports say Soza was intoxicated and drove into the wrong lane before the wreck that trapped Le and her friend inside the car.

“I needed to stay calm. I had no other choice, but I didn’t feel my legs anymore at that time,” Le said.

Le says first responders cut apart her car to get her out. Meanwhile, Marco Police say Soza fell asleep when they tried questioning him. Soza wasn’t hurt. But Le is now stuck with more than $100,000 in medical bills.

“I have a broken left femur, with a broken knee cap, a broken right ankle, and I have a broken elbow. It was terrible with the stitched and broken ribs,” Le said.

She hopes she will be able to walk again soon.

“I feel myself really lucky now that I didn’t lose any part of my body. I am going to recover. Slowly, but I will because I’m still alive. I think both of us are really lucky,” Le said.

She is hoping to leave the hospital by next week.

Soza has a second court date set for later this month.

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