Residents frustrated by abandoned sunken boat on Fort Myers Beach

Photo via WINK News drone

A sinking boat finally went under after it had been taking on water for weeks and became an eyesore for homeowners on Fort Myers Beach.

Lee County says the sheriff’s office notified them about the sunken boat Monday. Right now, it’s deemed derelict and it’s under investigation. But the process could take another few months before the boat is finally removed.


“No one’s come near it. I have not seen a coast guard or a sheriff or a fire department boat. I’ve seen no boats go anywhere near it nor any people go anywhere near it,” said Pamela Abraham, a Fort Myers Beach resident.

The eyesore sat in the back bay of Fort Myers Beach for a couple weeks until it sunk a few days ago.

“That boat and the other boat behind it have been so called maintained or visited by a young man who comes and goes in a dingy. Haven’t seen him lately, but used to come in and tie up on private property,” Abraham said.

The boat sits near Abraham’s backyard.

She says it has not only become blight, but it’s now an environmental hazard and safety concern.


“Derelict looking people coming and going from derelict looking boats, spoiling your view, making you feel unsafe as you see these people crawling up your property,” Abraham described.

The sheriff’s office says they contacted the boat’s owner. While deputies say it’s under investigation, some worry nothing will be done.

If the owner doesn’t take responsibility, FWC or the county will then hire a contractor to remove the sunken boat.

“I just think it’s gotten to the point where the authorities need to do something, especially if they’re concerned about environment and especially if they’re concerned about the safety and the privacy of the homeowners on Fort Myers Beach,” Abraham said.

The investigation could take anywhere from 45 to 120 days. If the owner doesn’t remove the boat, they’ll face fines and incur the cost it takes the county or FWC to remove it.


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