Timeshare owners face tripled fees after resort says they need to repair Irma damage


Kathy Dardis has owned a two-week timeshare at Fishermen’s Village Resort for more than four decades.

“It meant a nice central place to get together with family,” Dardis said.

But now, Dardis says that also means an ongoing headache with village management over whose responsibility it is to pay for repairs.

The resort says Hurricane Irma caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. All 47 units on the property are now too damaged to live in.

“I still question Fishermen’s Village on how badly it hit them,” Dardis said.

Other owners also question the claims about damage and say the shops and restaurants in the area were back in business just days after the hurricane came through.

The resort says its insurance company is refusing to pay the claims. So management is raising maintenance fees for owners from $650 per week to $1940 to cover the costs.

“Triple, triple what it was and I was like… I was in shock,” Dardis said. “I struggled to pay $600 a week, how could I pay 1900?”

Dardis and other timeshare owners say they’re refusing to pay, convinced something is not right with the resort’s explanation.

“I actually told them. I think you’re pulling a scam,” Dardis said.

Owners sent multiple complaints to state authorities. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation confirms there’s now an active investigation.

And last week, village management sent out another letter saying owners can either pay the increased fee or give up their timeshares for nothing in return. An option Dardis says she’s considering.

“I personally just want to be done with it. At this point in time, my thoughts are to go ahead and just give it up,” she said.

WINK News reached out to Fishermen’s Village for comment, but have not heard back from them.

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