North Fort Myers man says coral snake killed dog

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North Fort Myers resident William Bonfirm said both of his dogs were bit by a coral snake in his backyard.

“It’s frustrating because it’s one of my pets,” Bonfirm said. “If it was one of my kids it would be a very bad situation. It’s very sad that I lost one of my pets but imagine if it was one of my kids.”

Bonfirm said the snake was slithering around in the backyard when it suddenly attacked and killed his dog Lana. He said his other dog is partially paralyzed from the snakes venom.

“I was sad. I was like, ‘oh come on,'” Bonfirm said. “I looked through the window I saw her laying on the ground I said well, I think it was a snake and I was like ‘Ah.'”

Bonfirm said his other dog is partially paralyzed from the snakes venom.

Experts said coral snakes are on the move at night. During rainy season, or when it rains, the snakes might be fighting your pets for a place to live, according to associate veterinarian Megan Davis.

“A coral snake can be fatal to a person let alone to our companions who are much smaller,” Davis said.

A man was bit by a poisonous snake last month in North Fort Myers, according to officials. He was was rushed to the emergency room.

But for pets, the signs of an attack aren’t always obvious.

“You wont always see the fang marks they have pretty small marks so it starts with the GI … and it quickly progresses to neurological, they may not be able to walk and once those happen things tend to go down rapidly,” Davis said.

David added it’s important to get help as you see any symptoms.

“If you’re able to take a photo of the snake or bring the snake in with you to help identify the type of snake that’s really helpful as well,” Davis said.

Vets say to take your pet to an emergency center if he or she is attacked by a coral snake because they’re more likely to have anti-venom on hand.

Experts say cutting your grass short can keep some of the wildlife away and help spot snakes easier.

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