Boats are in the thick of it when it comes the algae crisis

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As thick blue-green algae creeps across waterways in Southwest Florida, many are wondering if it’s bad for their boat?

Boat captain Matthew Trottier with Paradise Boat rentals knows how frustrating this slimy mess can be, “Really just gives us a hard time when the algae’s in the water… We constantly have to pull the boats out of the water and pressure wash this green algae off or else it’s going to stain the boat.”

Trottier says the green water is turning off customers and piling on extra expenses, “We have to put our money into the acid which isn’t cheap and we also have to use gas for the pressure washer. And that doesn’t include the man hours that we put into washing the boats.”

We checked in with boat expert Tim Kendall at the Boathouse of Cape Coral, “At this point, it’s kind of a pick and choose the days that you’re going to go.”

Boats that remain stationary in the water are at the highest risk of damage not just from algae, but also barnacles, muscles, and sponges.

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