Lee County foster parents start non-profit

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The tragic death of 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau in Largo hits home for many foster parents, including two in Fort Myers

After 16 years of fostering Karen and Bruce Scott know the feeling. They’ve taken action, and say DCF’s policy to reunite kids with their biological parent isn’t always the best option.

“It’s happening here, said Karen Scott, of KKids, Inc.”We are fearful that a judge is going to do the exact same thing.”

“Make a completely 180-degree turn and return a child with a parent who isn’t ready,” Karen said.

They’ve been fostering kids for 16 years, and know the power biological parents can have in the foster care court system.

“We don’t believe that reunification with family is always what’s best for the child, that’s been proven, time and time again,” Karen said.

“If not for a court order, he would still be safe in our home,” said his foster parents Sam and Juliet Warren.

Jordan was found dead this week. Investigators believe his 21-year-old mother Charisse Stinson, beat him and left him in the woods.

“They’re treating it like a yo-yo, they throw it out there in a home — and yank it back,” Bruce said.

Here’s why that hits close to home: On Thanksgiving 2016, The Scott’s say a baby who was supposed to stay with them ended up dead at the hands of an accused man in Lee County.

“DCF, or the agencies involved kept dragging things out — and the 10-month-old ended up beating up to death by the babysitter,” Bruce said.

The two have now formed KKids, Inc., a non-profit that fosters kids and helps other families with foster issues.

“We are advocates for the children first,” Karen said.

Now after another tragedy of Jordan’s death, they’re working with local elected officials to make reforms within DCF..

“There needs to be protocol set in place to keep what happened there from happening here — because it does happen here,” Karen said.

The Scotts say if you or anyone you know are foster parents and need help through the process, contact them via their Facebook page.

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