School District of Lee County supports half-cent sales tax

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Photo: WINK News

This coming election could determine how safe your kids are at schools in Lee County. School District of Lee County Spokesperson Rob Spicker said it is their top priority.

“We want them to have the latest … security technology entry systems [and] communication systems,” Spicker said. “All of those things, the more we can provide them with that, the safer they’ll be at school, the more secure parents can feel sending their kids to school.

On your ballot, you’ll be asked whether you support a half-cent sales tax increase or not. That money will go straight to the school district to upgrade their security.

Spicker also said the security improvements the school would be able to make with the tax would far outweigh those made without it.

John Shudluck ran for the school board this year and is against the sales tax increase. He said they don’t know how to manage the money they already have.

“If they got $1 trillion, they would still be under funded,” Shudluck said.

But, Spicker said their debt is due to a spike in student enrollment.

If passed, the district will receive approximately $750 million over the next 10 years.

Spicker said some of the schools still don’t have digital security cameras. Even if the referendum doesn’t pass, they’ll still move forward with upgrades. But, it will take twice as long to finish.

“These children are our future,” Spicker said. “And if we educate them as well as we can, they will be there for us to provide the services and the jobs that we want.”

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