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It used to be that self-checkout was one of the biggest changes when shopping in stores. But, that’s nothing now. These days, there are several high-tech options made for an easier and faster shop-and-go experience. . . with more options on the way. And, it’s all thanks to a certain group of shoppers.

Julia Karoly is super busy. So, when she can, she uses her phone to shop…even in stores. “I really like it,” she says.

After downloading her grocery store’s app, Julia scans each item, them scans her phone to checkout – and she’s done. “I’m all about convenience,” she explains.

Trends in shopping, usually high tech, may be driven by a specific group of shoppers coined “The Spendsetters.” A consumer survey finds that nearly a third of all shoppers fall into this group – and nearly half of millennials.

Grocery analyst Phil Lempert says nearly every industry is accommodating this speedy set. “What they live and breathe for is being able to get in and out of a store really quickly using technology.”

86% of those surveyed say they’ve left a store because of long lines – costing businesses more than $37 Billion dollars a year. Meantime, 75% say they’d shop more in physical stores if they had a “just walk out” experience – like at Amazon Go – where the app allows you to walk in, take what you want, and leave – no checkout needed! Sensor technologies track the items and charge your account.

“I would love to see those cashless apps at at all the big box stores that we shop at,” Julia says.

With that in mind, nearly half of retailers surveyed say they are now considering cashless stores. Though, in many cases, there will still be the more traditional low tech options too.

According to Grocery Retailer Ward Bickford, “We want to have options for everyone so that we can remain viable to them.” Julia says that’s fine, but her advice? Shop in the time-saving fast life. “You’ll be so happy you did.”

Some retailers say that with “time as the new currency,” this trend will grow, with predictions that by the year 20-20, more than half (56%) of all consumers are expected to use in-store mobile payments. Meantime, Lempert cautions that some convenience, like cashless shopping can lead to scanning to quickly without thinking about what you’re buy.

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