Over 600 Lee County drivers illegally pass school buses in a single day

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
Published: Updated:
Illegal school bus passing. Photo via WINK News

School bus drivers put their warning lights on well in advance, so drivers know when they are about to pull over. But not everyone is giving kids a break. Now, one bus driver is catching bad drivers on camera. A Lee County bus driver said it is often that drivers disobey the traffic laws for school buses.

Lee County school bus drivers counted more than 600 drivers illegally pass school buses in a single day this year.

“Daily, I get passed daily,” the bus driver said. “It makes me sick; it turns my stomach; it gives me chills.”

It is a nationwide problem that needs fixing. In three days, at least five different bus stop crashes have killed kids across the United States, including three siblings — a girl and her twin brothers.

“I can tell who’s going to stop and whose not going to stop by their speed,” the bus driver said. “I can see right into their vehicles and most of them have cells phones up to their ears, or they’re looking at their phone trying to text.”

She is worried Cape Coral is next in line for a similar accident.

“It puts me in a mood and then i have to get on the bus and put a smile on my face and I have to look at these little kids that get on the bus every day and think those could’ve been my babies.”

With the help of students, she said she caught two drivers on camera this week.

The local bus driver wants the understanding that drivers need to follow the traffic laws involving school buses and spread the message all around.

“It is the law to stop for that bus,” the bus driver said. “And people aren’t stopping.”

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