U.S. Postal Service consistently mismanages mail in Golden Gates Estates


As the busy holiday shipping season gets underway, neighbors in Golden Gate Estates said they are worried important mail might get lost.

“It’s a huge black eye for the united states postal service,” Dorthy Hoover said. “There are a lot of carriers and a lot of workers out there who do a great job and these people are making them have a bad name.”

Neighbors told WINK News and to one another on a neighborhood app, carriers from the United States Postal Service Annex are not always getting them their mail. They believe the carriers are delivering the mail to the wrong address, and in some cases are even tossing packages carelessly, sometimes captured on camera.

Dorthy Hoover said she has received other people’s mail so much, she started writing letters to her carrier and attaching them to the mail.

Bob and Pat McLoughlin said they started forwarding their mail to a commercial mailbox while they went on a vacation for two months. The couple claims, they have not received mail since.

The Postal Service annex that has been mismanaging some homeowners' mail. Photo via WINK News.
The Postal Service annex that has been mismanaging some homeowners’ mail. Photo via WINK News.

“I really, really, want to press to know who is supervising these carriers,” McLoughlin said, a Golden Gates Estates resident. “Who is training them because it is becoming clear to us that somewhere along the lines someone is missing their responsibility and accountability.”

“On very rare occasions, instances of mail delivery issues occur,” a U.S. Postal Service spokesperson said in a statement. “We apologize for any mail service issues that may have been experienced by customers living in the Naples area… and the service you describe is unacceptable.”

“A lot of the apologies are nice and they certainly seem like they care but at the same breath,” McLoughlin said. “The link is broken here in the service postal chain.”

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