Gov. DeSantis issues order implementing school security measures

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Across the Lee County School District, one after another violent threats are sending schools into chaos. Ranging from scribbles on a toilet seat to ominous Snapchat posts, parents have had enough

“I think it’s because tomorrow is the anniversary of the Parkland shooting,” said Lexington Middle School student Olivia.

Olivia says threats have become almost a common occurrence on social media in the days leading up the one year mark of the Parkland massacre.

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“I haven’t personally witnessed it, but I know my friends have and they’ve reported it,” Olivia said.

Today Gov. Ron DeSantis stepped in. In a press conference from Parkland, DeSantis promised to take aggressive steps to implement the recommendations to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission on school safety.

“Some of these should have been done earlier,” DeSantis said in the press conference. “And so we’re making sure our Department of Education and relevant agencies are moving full steam ahead of it.”

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Among the steps outlined, the governor requested a statewide grand jury to investigate and punish schools and distracts that aren’t carrying out the commission’s mandates.

“So, if you’re proactive, if you’re approaching it almost like an intelligence operation, you have an opportunity to have an intervention before this happens,” DeSantis said.

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