Dispatchers needed at Cape Coral Police Department

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Cape Coral Police Department. Credit: WINK News.

Cape Coral Police Department says they are in need of one of the most important positions one can have at the department, a dispatcher.

Dispatchers are the first person to assist you in an emergency, and at CCPD the ones they already have are having to work longer shifts and miss breaks, just to make sure somebody is on the line full time ready to relay any emergency information.

“They’re the life line they’re the ones that people call when there’s a traumatic event going on,” said Allan Kollak.

They say six dispatcher positions are currently open at the department, but for anybody considering the job, current employees say it’s not an easy thing to do, and a lot of people aren’t cut out for it.

“Once they get into the room—the hours—not understanding the magnitude of the job and how much it entails,” said Marquilla James.

The night shift, and missing holidays can be difficult, but they say when you are someone’s lifeline, the pressure begins to sink in.

“You’re taking into account peoples lives. People call in during traumatic events where someones having an extreme medical issue or someone is breaking into their house and trying to rob them,” Kollak said.

But there are some memorable moments as well says Marquilla James.

“I had a four year old call, and his emergency was his VCR tape was stuck in the VCR and he couldn’t wake up his dad.”

She says the biggest reward is when you help save somebody’s life.

“It has its joys when you hear the outcomes of the situations that you’ve helped save someones life… Its rewarding,” said James.

If you would like to become a dispatcher for the Cape Coral Police, visit their website here.



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