Tips for parents to help keep your teen safe if they are going to prom

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Do you have a teenager going to prom this year? Collier County Sheriff’s Office advises parents to read the following tips to help keep your teen safe.

* Communicate with your teens regularly and openly about alcohol and drugs.

* Communicate with other parents about your expectations and theirs.

* Discuss your expectations and rules for prom and graduation outings.

* Know who will be driving and what your teen’s plans are.

* Make sure your teen has a cell phone. Have pre-established times when your teen calls in to check in with you.

* Remind your teen not to use alcohol or drugs, or ride in a vehicle with anyone under the influence.

* Never provide alcohol or drugs to your teen or others.

* Remind your teen to buckle up when riding in a vehicle.

* Get involved by volunteering to supervise prom events.

* Don’t rent a hotel room for teens.

* Stay up until your teen gets home.

“Regular and open communication between parents and teens can make a difference in preventing drunken driving, drug use, DUI accidents, and other destructive behavior. Take the time to give your teens the information and tools they need to stay safe,” said CCSO

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