Adkins stays as superintendent. Now, what’s next for Lee County Schools?

Reporter: Morgan Rynor
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Seal of the School District of Lee County. Photo via WINK News.
Seal of the School District of Lee County. Credit: WINK News.

Now that we know Dr. Greg Adkins will stay on as the School District of Lee County superintendent, some are wondering what that will mean for the future of their child’s education.

Parents said there is a lot of room for improvement. Adkins told WINK News, he needs to do better. Others, on the streets and social media, told us what they think about Lee County’s education system. Our findings show that many people are divided.

Krystal Comer believes her children get an excellent education at the Alva School and Riverdale High School. But she said there is a lack of communication.

“Kids are always coming home saying they’re learning something new,” Comer said. “I do feel like there should be a little more communication between teachers and parents.”

As much as her kids learn in the classroom, it is getting to there that she said is a big problem.

“Buses are constantly either late or don’t show up,” Comer said. “And parents don’t even know until after the bus has already arrived hours late or like my kid’s bus got a flat tire the other day. No one at the school or the bus compound calls you to let you know.”

But, even without school bus problems, parents like Heather Baron feel the education her kid has is becoming worse. But she does not blame it on the superintendent.

“It’s probably the way that the district has changed it to the core education,” Baron said. “I don’t think that they’ve done a very good job and our kids education has seems to gone down.”

If you ask Angel Holscher, she would disagree.

“If it’s to change the way the school district is,” Holscher said, “then I’m all for it.”

The motion to fire Adkins was proposed by School District of Lee County board member Melisa Giovanneli. She told us this week that she does not believe Adkins will follow through with changes.

We asked on social media for your thoughts and the comments are divisive. Some said, “let him do his job,” while others said, “they are going to run for his position in 2020.” Comments were seeking to hold him accountable to his promises.

WINK News asked Adkins what some of his short term promises and plans, now that the school board members voted to keep him in place as superintendent.

“We’re coming at a time where we’re coming at the end of the school year,” Adkins said. “Where we really do look forward to restructuring in terms of what our administrative team is moving forward how we are structuring the school district in terms of staffing changes.”

Adkins said we would see staffing changes shortly.Ā While it all will not be easy, Adkins said he is up for the challenge.

“It is difficult when you look at the challenges that we have ahead of us,” Adkins said.

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