Professional cuddling touted as form of therapy

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Have you ever considered paying to have someone cuddle you? Well right here in Southwest Florida you could be provided that opportunity if you check out the Cuddling Pro’s

The Cuddle Pro’s offer services that range from cuddling with their customers to offering life coaching advice.

Owner of the cuddle therapy business Genesis Burroughs, believes no one should ever have to feel alone, and that was part of her inspiration to open her Cuddle Pro’s cuddling service.

A current employee, Courtney Cain says she thought the job advertisement was a little weird at first.

“I saw an ad in at first I was like what is this I thought it would be something inappropriate,” said Cain.

But she has come to realize the benefits that come with the cuddling.

Burroughs believes there is a negative stigma with the business, and that is why some people may not be interested in the services right away.

“I think they think it’s a cover-up for something naughty or creepy and it’s not anything like that at all,” said Burroughs.

Just to make customers feel safe cameras are installed in every room and is monitoring the employees and customers at all times.

If you are interested in the service, it may cost you. $85 will get you an hour of cuddling.

Mental Health professionals do acknowledge this form of therapy as beneficial for some.

“Especially for someone who’s already a little bit depressed or anxious to feel lonely or to feel other than difference is very isolating,” said Gina Bratton.

There are rules though to make sure all involved remain comfortable throughout the therapy session.

To view the Cuddle Pro’s website to learn more you can click here.





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