Freezing stubborn fat is another option to help with weight loss

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Freezing stubborn fat away is helping more people get their beach bodies just in time for summer and there’s a number of options you need to consider before having it done.

Jacqui Alguadich is a client at Cryo Studio in Fort Myers. She started freezing her abdomen fat away three weeks ago.

“In my session, I lost an inch and a half,” Alguadich said. “It was kind of impressive.”

All thanks to a device known as Cryoskin from Paris.

Sammie Doss owns Cryo Studio and it’s one of the few of its kind to open so far in Southwest Florida.

“Once you hit 50, gravity takes hold, and stuff just won’t go away!” Doss said.

So she uses Cryoskin to freeze away the excess fat in those problem areas, but it’s not the only option for freezing you have.

Dr. Andrea Basile is a board certified plastic surgeon who uses Coolsculpting, a similar technique which freezes away fat cells, calling it “revolutionary,” and  “very effective.”

It doesn’t stop there. You still have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise if you’re going to keep the fat away.

Doss reminds that “it’s not a be all end all.” And Basile says, “I would never try to replace a gym membership.” So a healthy lifestyle is still key.

One big difference between procedures?


Coolsculpting sometimes requires just one application which might be $600-$800.

Cryoskin is $350 for a single session, $1,500 for five sessions and $2,750 for ten sessions.

And they’re not covered by insurance because they’re considered cosmetic procedures.

But clients like Alguadich say it’s worth it, “This is just one more boost to make yourself feel better.”

Whichever you choose.

Coolsculpting is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and Cryoskin is approved by the European equivalent of the FDA, but not the USFDA itself.

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