Lifting weights brings Bishop Verot’s football team together

Author: Zach Oliveri Writer: Carolina Guzman
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Football teams are spending their days in the iron paradise as spring practice is on for high school football.

Dancing is just one way Bishop Verot football tries to take the work out of workout.

“When you’re just working, then it gets boring, it’s kind of monotonous, but then, as you have little fun and do it, it’s enjoyable rather than just work,” said Bishop Verot’s Defensive Lineman, Ryan Peterson.

These guys still have the energy to showcase their moves. After showing up to campus as the sun is rising to get warmed up and start lifting as part of their daily spring football morning workout.

“Not one thing goes unnoticed. Like Coach Rode always tells us, you know it’s the little details that matter in the weight room. It starts in the weight room, in the locker room, and it translates to the field,” said Bishop Verot’s Running Back, Deshon Jenkin.

“When you look bigger, you’re more intimidating as well, but the strength, I mean, the more strength you have, the better you’ll perform out there,” said Peterson.

While the team is months from playing games, that doesn’t mean they have to wait for competition. It starts here.

“We post numbers, we post attendance,” said Head Coach, Richie Rode. “We saw some guys today wearing different shirts with different numbers, and you know, there’s a lot of meaning to that. They take that seriously, and that means something very important to them. They compete to get on the board. They compete to get that number. They compete for pound for pound strongest. They compete for those things, and we reward them for them.”

During spring football, it’s not just about building muscle.

“Just come more together as a team. You know, build the brotherhood and stuff that we had last season and build onto it,” said Jenkin.

“We’re still looking for spots on varsity. We got to bring up a handful of guys. And through the spring and the weight room, we’re going to determine who that is,” said Rode.

It’s all about making the most of every rep and making an impact when the games begin.

Monday was the first day in pads for Bishop Verot football. Spring football practice continues until later this month.

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