Family dog dies from heat exhaustion after two men steal their car


A pet owner is heartbroken after someone stole a car with her dog inside of it. Now, the guy is on the run and people want answers on who is responsible for the death of a beloved furry friend.

Dogs are very innocent and don’t tend to know what’s happening, like what happened to our dog, said Jose Perez Alvaro through translation.

What happened to Xochilt is a dog owner’s worst nightmare. Deputies said two men stole Perez-Alvaro’s car out of a Walmart parking lot in Arcadia with the dog inside of it.

The family left the car running to keep the air conditioning on for their beloved pet.

Kathy Upton shops at the Walmart, too. She said other than vet visits, her dogs never leave home.

“It doesn’t matter about the car,” Upton said. “It matters about the dog because they didn’t ask for all that. That’s sad.”

Upton said she would not take any chances like that. For Perez-Alvaro, it is a chance he now regrets.

It took a week to find the family’s car. It was located in Hialeah, which is over 150 miles away from their home. The dog was found dead inside from heat exhaustion.

What I wanted it to not tell my family our dog had died, but the detective said I had to tell them because they were going to publicize this incident,” Perez-Alvaro said. “He told me what those guys did was a crime.”

Perez-Alvaro said what the duo did is savage. There are no other words to describe it.

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