Neighbors in Rotonda West want Charlotte County to deter speeding cars

Reporter: Erika Jackson
Totaled car in Rotonda West. (Credit: Sean Raspatello)
Totaled car in Rotonda West. (Credit: Sean Raspatello)

People in Rotonda West are pushing for change after waking up to the aftermath of a car crash Tuesday morning.

Witnesses said they walked outside to find a car that crashed through 4 yards on Annapolis Ln., damaging cars, knocking down trees and mailboxes, along with leaving skid marks on a driveway.

They believe many drivers moving over 30 miles per hour are from outside the neighborhood and cut through the street to try to get to their destination faster.

“They don’t live here,” Sean Raspatello said. “They don’t care how fast they’re going. They don’t care that there’s kids that live here.”

Neighbors said they want the county to consider adding speed bumps, more signs or increasing deputy patrols. The county said it had not received any requests for changes on Annapolis Ln.

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