More Collier County cyclists are getting hit by cars, new data shows

Author: Taylor Smith
Published: Updated:

An increasing amount of people on bicycles are getting hurt in crashes. Sometimes, they are even deadly – a man died on Monday after he was hit on his bike in Collier County.

In Florida, biking is a year-round sport. But it can be dangerous. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle crash reports said there had been 44 bike crashes in Collier County this year.

Sue Fleming, a manager at a Trek Bicycle, said people get hurt a lot.

“We see it all the time,” Fleming said. “We see customers that come in. A lady came in the other day, and she was hit by a truck.”

Data shows cyclists are almost as likely to cause a crash as drivers and motorcyclists.

“I think it could be both there are certain precautions that we as bikers need to take, too,” Fleming said.

Precautions like bikers always having a light on even during the day could help.

Fleming said cyclists have to be aware of the vehicles and the traffic when they are riding.

“You know, somebody could take their eye off us and they are not aware,” Fleming said, “and it could be fatal.”

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