Neighbors rebuild homes after tornado in NW Cape Coral

Reporter: Breana Ross Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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A home damaged by a tornado that swept through a portion of northwest Cape Coral Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019. Credit: WINK News.

We met with neighbors who are immediately focused on rebuilding after a tornado left behind damages among their homes in Cape Coral this weekend.

Saturday, a tornado left behind a path of destruction in a portion of northwest Cape Coral.  

Homes were damaged along 26th Avenue. Cleanup is still taking place along a mile stretch where the tornado caused natural disaster.  

Blue tarps, boarded-up windows and condemnation notices are among the signs of the tornado’s aftermath.  

“I was absolutely shocked,” neighbor Srick Boyd said. “My house is like 200 feet away, and my house was absolutely fine. Then I’ve come over to this side, and it’s just unbelievable.” 

Neighbors down the road from Boyd continue to pick up any pieces they can to restore their homes.  

“Today, everybody just back into cleanup,” neighbor Jack Stevenson. 

But they’re mainly anxious about Monday when insurance companies pay the neighborhood a visit.  

“It’s all up to insurance companies, so we’ll see how they do,” Stevenson said.  

Neighbors like Nancy Pedone are unable to rely on insurance. She recently close on her home along 26 Ave. And does not yet have homeowner insurance.  

 “With this storm, I’ve had some roof damage,” Pedone said. “And I’m going to have to pay for it out of pocket.” 

Neighbors with coverage are expecting to hear how much they will get from their insurance providers within the next week.  

And the mood among remains positive among neighbors despite the damages among them, as they take steps toward rebuilding. 

“The important thing is that nobody was hurt in the storm,” Pedone said. 

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