New signal timers will speed up commute times in Lee County

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Credit: WINK News.

As you head out the door you might be dreading the gridlock that is your daily drive, but now new technology is coming out that will fix the congestion.

Signal timing is one of the key ways the county keeps traffic flowing, not just during the season, but all year.

Here is how it works: The county says there are several traffic counters down the entire stretch of road monitoring the traffic volumes in real-time.

It watches how long it takes cars to get from signal to signal, and also monitors other movements.

Ultimately, reworking the signal time by itself.

“We’re going to re-time Daniels Parkway, Del Prado and also Colonial. So we’re gonna be looking at some major roads and see how our signal timings are doing and refining those timings since we haven’t really looked at them in three years at some of those locations,” said Rob Price, Manager at the Traffic Operations Center.

The county says they are going to watch how that adaptive signal works to decide if they want to install more throughout the county.

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