Denny Grimes: Is the market shifting?

The real estate market has been on a winning streak for almost a year. Now people are wondering when it will end. To answer your questions is Denny Grimes with Denny Grimes & Company at Keller Williams Realty. Watch the full video above.


Lee County Schools look to tutoring, feeding children in need

Lee County is considering a tutoring program directly targeting homeless children. 750 students enrolled in the Lee County School District are homeless. Thanks to a new grant, all of those students will have access to one-on-one assistance. To be considered homeless, a child must lack a regular, fixed or adequate nighttime residence. That could mean […]

Keeping nursing homes safe from COVID-19 during hurricane season

Nursing home staffers are making sure our most vulnerable loved ones continue to stay safe from COVID-19 as hurricane season approaches. Nearly 95% of people in assisted living in Florida have been vaccinated, but only 43% of the people taking care of them around the clock have gotten the shot. The Florida Assisted Living Association […]

Sales tax

Stock up on hurricane supplies without paying taxes

Starting today, you can stock up on hurricane supplies (before store shelves go empty) without paying taxes, due to the 2021 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday starting Friday and ending June 6. Some hardware stores say things like batteries, flashlights and gas cans are typically the most in-demand. You can put the same items in […]

Cape Coral seeks volunteers to battle blue-green algae

The Cape Coral Waterway Advisory Board needs your help to fight blue-green algae: 50 local volunteers are wanted for a study in partnership with the CDC. 150 volunteers across Florida are being sought for the study, some from Clewiston and even on the east coast, in St. Lucie County. Florida Gulf Coast University says we […]

Cape Coral police institute harsher panhandling penalties

Cape Coral is considering measures to stop anyone from panhandling at intersections, on the grounds that the practice puts both drivers and panhandlers at risk by distracting the drivers from changing traffic lights. That’s why the Cape Coral Police Department is modeling their panhandling ordinance after Lee County’s and cracking down with the stated goal […]

Lee County School Board again discussing student non-discrimination policies

A poster about student non-discrimination policies is once again the center of a Lee County School Board meeting Tuesday. School administrators want to make sure everyone feels safe and included, but will the poster stay in next year’s code of conduct, or will it be taken out? The School Board may decide to do that, […]

Vaccine opportunity for kids 12 to 16 at Port Charlotte Middle School

A vaccine site opens at Port Charlotte middle school Saturday for kids 12 to 16 years old, giving you another option if you want to get your teenager vaccinated. All you have to do is go online to sign up. The Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County says the turnout for vaccinations in the […]

Keeping your home safe from fires during dry season

During this dry, windy season, fires can spread quickly, but there are precautions you can take to protect your home, and fire departments like the Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District are also working to protect you from the flames. Brush trucks have been a game-changer for firefighters; Lehigh Fire Rescue sends a brush […]

Cape Coral Schools installing more flashing signs for student traffic safety

To try keeping our children safe as they head off to school, Cape Coral will approve new signs with flashing, attention-grabbing lights to go in school zones. The Cape Coral Police Department says it has issued an average of 50 tickets in school zones per year since 2017, and a lot of warnings, too. Will […]