Is cutting cable for streaming services really saving you money?

Reporter: Corey Lazar
Hand of man pointing remote control at working television screen.

This holiday season you may be looking to cut your cable and switch to streaming television.

People we spoke to say they paid more than $100 a month for cable and internet, so we calculated the cost to see if converting to streaming services really save you money.

Streaming television does come with one time upfront costs, and you will need a streaming device, like Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV, or a smart TV.

On average, that will set you back more than $100 per device.

You still need high speed internet, and a local package on average is about $70 per month.

For streaming services, the two biggest are Hulu Live and Youtube TV, each of which start around $50 per month.

Netflix offers more shows, and HBO offers more movies. Each of which adds another $15.

For your children, Disney Plus is $7 more per month.

For a package like that, you will spend $157 a month. And the more a popular a streaming service becomes, the higher the price of streaming will rise.

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