Derogatory vandalism at a future Cape Coral assisted living facility

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson
Published: Updated:

A horrible word was spray-painted all over the sidewalk and on a large waste container near a future assisted living facility in Cape Coral, where seniors will soon call home. Now, the property manager, who found the derogatory word on Tuesday, has a stern warning for those who did it.

The horrible word is five letters that Anthony Aulianao can see from his front door.

“It’s disgusting,” Aulianao said. “That’s just wrong.”

The derogatory word is written in spray paint all over a construction site along Skyline Blvd. Hardy Dormire said it is “disrespectful” to have it where a living center will open in a few weeks, which is a dream the project manager does not want repeat vandals to ruin.

“Four or five incidents on the job, total,” Dormire said.

There is graffiti on windows, the sidewalk and Dormire said someone stole a tree from the site recently.

”We don’t want our residents afraid of people’s graffiti or anyone causing trouble on the property,” Dormire said. “We don’t want to deter people from coming in.”

Neighbors said the area is an excellent place to live and vandalism does not belong.

”Whoever wrote that,” Aulianao said, “I’m sure has an elderly person that sooner or later may need a facility to go into and I hope and pray that it’s that one that they need to go into.”

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