Courtney Gainey pleads not guilty for hit-and-run death of Allana Staiano

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Courtney Gainey says she is not guilty of killing 14-year-old Allana Staiano in a hit-and-run crash back in 2020.

Deputies say Gainey killed Staiano and then fled the scene in the Suncoast Estates community of North Fort Myers.

Allana Staiano’s mother, Christine Gray,  was in the courtroom Monday morning during Gainey’s arraignment hearing and says she is not happy with Gainey’s decision.

“I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream at her and ask her why she thought, but then I was looking at her face and realized still there wasn’t any remorse,” Gray said. “She has the audacity to walk in there and say she wasn’t guilty. That to me is telling me she is absolutely not holding any responsibility for her action whatsoever.”

Gray said her pain cut as deep as the day of the crash during the hearing proceedings.

“You get up, you brush off, and you move on,” Gray said. “But, something like this, I just cant figure out how, you know. So this is how I’m doing it.”

Gray’s mission is change after her daughter was killed at the beginning of the year.

“We want a safe community for our children,” Gray said. “I’m not asking anymore.”

Gray fears Gainey will receive a slap on the wrist through the legal process rather than what Gray would deem the right consequence.

“Oh, I really wanted to jump up and say, ‘Are, you … kidding me?” Gray said. “Look at everything. You can’t even accept responsibility.

Gray also knows her loss belongs to others who loved Allana deeply. The same car that hit and killed Allana ran over her best friend, Taylor.

“She lays awake in bed at night and wishes Allana was here,” said Vickie Dunn, Taylor’s mother. “And she just has a lot of mental issues.”

Gainey faces a first-degree felony charge for the hit-and-run death of Allana. She also faces a charge for hitting Taylor and injuring her. They will be doing the charges separately since Taylor is also a witness in the case.

Gainey’s next court appearance is set for April 1.

Gray told WINK News there is not much that can bring her and her family comfort, but she said, if Gainey showed any sign of remorse, that would go a long way to help her handle her ongoing nightmare.

“I think about all the what ifs,” Gray said. “Somebody said, ‘Has the what ifs set in yet?” I know exactly what they are talking about. Yes.”

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