What goes into teaching kids virtually? Lee County school district answers that question

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On Wednesday, Lee County opened up a virtual town hall for families so they can find out what to expect for their kids’ education.

With pens, pencils and Chromebooks in hand, kids will enter a new classroom in just a few days.

Mother Christina Flanagan is not really sure what to expect, “We’ve been communicating a lot with the teacher over the ClassDojo app.”

She says her son is familiar with most of the learning tools but she and other parents still have questions.

“I hope that he gets the knowledge that he needs to move on to the first grade,” Flanagan said.

School District of Lee County’s Chief Academic Officer Jeff Sprio, says, “Students will still be held accountable to the grading that occurs. The work that your teacher gives you, the work that you submit, all that counts as grades and that is what will count toward your final grade. Yes attendance matters, yes attendance counts.”

And for seniors like Jackson Horseman, what about graduation?

Spiro said a big question for a lot of our seniors is will my child graduate on May 23? “Your child will graduate May 23rd if they have all their grades that are passing, they’ve met all of the credit requirements by the state of Florida”

As for completing assignments, “It’s not something that’s going to be due each and every day for every single classroom,” Spiro explained. “But teachers are going to post assignments, they’re going to check in with students and then the students will work on those assignments at home.”

Hopefully, creating a smooth transition during a stressful time for students and teachers.

Collier County schools will also host a Facebook town hall to discuss their online learning plan. That takes place Thursday at noon. For more information on the Collier County school town hall, visit the Collier County Public School Facebook page here.

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