Lifelong musician helps SWFL students keep improving, performing online

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FGCU associate professor of music Doctor Kyle Szabo (WINK News)

Music and a passion for performance inspire students of FGCU music professor, Doctor Kyle Szabo, to continue creating the art outside of the FGCU Bower School of Music since COVID-19 caused them, and many others, to isolate themselves within their homes.

“People find music and the arts uplifting and people need to be uplifted right now,” Szabo said. “The advantage of teaching is then your students give music to people, so there’s a greater spread.”

So he now uses technology like Zoom to teach people at home.

“He takes personal interest in his students and provides instruction and support that’s really tailored to the individual,” said FGCU music major Teal Vickery. “He will listen to the students recording then write down specific notes then just send it to them.”

Encouraging everyone to keep recording and sharing songs so we can cope and connect.

“Online we can reach millions of people so there’s an advantage to that,” Szabo said.

“To bring to the community my music, and it’s a way to escape all of this,” said FGCU international student and music major Sandra Escribano from Cuba.

“Music is really keeping us all connected during these very weird times,” said FGCU music major Kristin Jarvis, as we all learn this new rhythm together.

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