New York tri-state area’s self-quarantine requirements adds questions for travelers

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If you’re traveling to New York state, New Jersey or Connecticut, prepare to self-quarantine. New York’s governor announced a 14-day self-quarantine for people traveling from states with rising cases, which includes Florida.

For months now, visitors from those states were supposed to self-quarantine when traveling to Florida.

We spoke to Southwest Florida businesses Wednesday and asked them about whether they’re worried these new travel requirements up north could impact their bottom line.

And people from out of state we spoke to say the decision comes down to whether or not they’re allowed to work from home.

The businesses we spoke to say they’re busier now than this time last year, and they’re not sure new travel restrictions are going to change that.

“It’s about 22% higher than what we had last year,” said Ita Isakov, the owner of All Island Watersports.

“We’ve actually had a busier summer than usual, and I think it’s because so many people have self-isolated for so long,” said Melissa Schneider, the marketing director for Lani Kai.

But, if you’re flying back home to New York tri-state area, you’d have to self-quarantine for two weeks.

“If someone has a limited amount of time to be down here for a trip, if they’re down here for a week and they have to quarantine for 14 days, it doesn’t make sense,” said Mayor Ray Murphy of Fort Myers Beach.

Some travelers might have to rethink vacation plans. Visitors from out of state say they’re able to work from home. So self-quarantining would not change their lives drastically.

“I’d survive it,” said Kathy Bliss, visiting from Texas. “I wouldn’t like it being stuck, being stuck inside all the time.”

“If I had to quarantine when I got back, I would definitely do so,” said Carrie Evans, visiting from Texas. “But I think that we are trying to take all the precautions while we’re here.”

Some of the businesses told us the guests they’re talking to are staying here for longer periods of time in case they have to return to self-isolation.

Lani Kai said its reservations for next month are already surpassing what they had in July of last year.

Only time will tell if local businesses are affected. But, if it keeps people safe, local businesses say they’ll get behind the new restrictions.

“I think it is safest wherever you’re going, wherever you’re coming from just to [self-quarantine] once you’re back, just for the safety of everyone,” Schneider said.

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