Lee Health CEO says hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are on the decline

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
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Credit: WINK News.

People are taking the coronavirus seriously, and Lee Health says all that seriousness is showing.

Lee Health says they focused on the tests that were performed and reported the same day to get a better understanding of how the virus is spreading throughout the county.

They found that over the past 4 to 5 days those positivity rates have been dropping, and not just that, but hospitalizations as well.

Weeks ago Lee Heath was seeing 30 to 40 new COVID patients admitted every day.

The president of Lee Health, Dr. Larry Antonucci, said on Tuesday they saw 13 COVID patients admitted.

We asked Antonucci to what he attributed the decline and he said he thinks people are starting to be more responsible.

“I really think it’s because people are beginning to pay attention. They are wearing masks, they are social distancing and handwashing, all of the things that we’ve been saying all along. I’m just seeing more and more of it as I’m out and about,” Dr. Antonucci said.

It’s important to note that Lee Health only analyzes the data gathered at its testing sites.

Antonucci said when you’re looking at the Department of Health positivity rates, you need to take into account that many of the tests included were administered weeks ago.

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